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Legal "Microsoft and its critics agree that the future of innovation is at stake when the US software giant challenges a landmark 2004 antitrust ruling next week before the European Union's second highest court. But they will take opposite tacks on what that means before a special 13-judge panel of the Court of First Instance, which starts five days of public hearings on Monday."
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RE: So, what is innovation ?
by gustl on Fri 21st Apr 2006 18:18 UTC in reply to "So, what is innovation ?"
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"They are the hunted so they have to innovate to stay on top. They also throw in some monopoly-tactics of course"

I would say it like this:

They are hunted so they use monopoly-tactics, they also throw in some innovation sometimes.

Well, the reason why they are before a EU regulation panel IS, that they use monopoly-tactics.
MS also tells that panel, that they do not want to loose their IP to competitors.
Well, what IP? Patents? Don't exist for Software. Trademarks? Nobody asked for using them. Copyright on source code? Nobody asked for source code. Trade secrets? Heck, MS is a monopoly, MS is not allowed to have certain trade secrets (especially ones which prohibit interoperability).

The only IP they would have to sell would be the documentation of their protocols and file formats. Again, nobody asked them to give it away, just to sell the specs for a reasonable price.

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