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Benchmarks "There are a lot of Linux filesystems comparisons available but most of them are anecdotal, based on artificial tasks or completed under older kernels. This benchmark essay is based on 11 real-world tasks appropriate for a file server with older generation hardware (Pentium II/III, EIDE hard-drive)."
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ext3 or XFS for me
by ozonehole on Fri 21st Apr 2006 23:20 UTC
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Very good article! After reading it, and the (very informative) readers' comments, it looks like the two best choices would be either ext3 (for reliability and recovery) or XFS (also very reliable, and fast). A lot of readers seem to think that reiserfs may not be reliable after a power failure. Hard to decide, but the author clearly believes that XFS is best overall. I've never used it, but I will have to give it a try.

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