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Benchmarks "There are a lot of Linux filesystems comparisons available but most of them are anecdotal, based on artificial tasks or completed under older kernels. This benchmark essay is based on 11 real-world tasks appropriate for a file server with older generation hardware (Pentium II/III, EIDE hard-drive)."
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Real world tests?
by christian on Fri 21st Apr 2006 23:57 UTC
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Since when has creating, mounting and unmounting a filesystem been performance critical? These are about the least performance critical operations the filesystem does.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most servers spend their IO updating existing files (file servers, database servers, mail servers) or reading and serving static files (web, news, mail, ftp servers.)

Non-ext3 based FS are generally good for large numbers of files within a directory, historically the domain of email and news servers. But these earn't the majority of test cases, but a minority.

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