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Gnome The latest issue of the GNOME Journal has just been published. It features insights into the Portland Project which were gained from a conversation with one of its lead architects, Waldo Bastian, an introduction to GNOME's new deskbar, an interview with Elijah Newren, GNOME's release manager, and three simple tips for designing application interfaces you should know. Writers in this edition are Sri Ramakrishna, Davyd Madeley, Lucas Rocha, and Claus Schwarm, respectively.
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RE: Conversation with Waldo Bastian
by pooo on Sat 22nd Apr 2006 04:16 UTC in reply to "Conversation with Waldo Bastian"
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Diversity and coordination/cooperation are not incompatible. In fact, certain kinds of coodination can *promote* healthy diversity that really is good.

Low level standards in particular empower a great deal of diversity and a thriving ecosystem of interrelated software. MS for example has never been like the linux vendors in including a ton of bundled apps they have maintained a consistent and usable standard for people to build applications against. Not the prettiest one if we are talking about win32 and windows but at least it existed! So even though ms never bundled a ton of apps,a thriving ecosystem of free and propietary apps just naturally sprang to life. Apple does the same thing. The areas where MS didn't do this (activesync, smb, exchange, ect) there is zero diversity or for that same reason, quality. But then that was very clever of them and exactly what they wanted.

Low level standards empower and they give everyone a strong foothold to move forward with that they can count on to not change. The printing api thing is fantastic. It is lower level than a particular de but it empowers all hardware vendors to jump in and know that they can target the entire linux world with this effort and not just ones running redhat and gnome for example.

But we all already know that open standards were the way to nirvana right? I like to think of this balance and the resultant fecundity like the entire animal kingdom competing and evolving and being wonderful and elegant and huge all on top of a simple set up pervasive standards call the laws of physics. For something to really spring to life and by dynamic and thriving there need to be rules and those rules need to be pervasive and coherent.

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