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Windows "Microsoft Vista Build 5365 has been released. We are downloading it at the moment, screenshots will follow in our spanking new image gallery. This is a Vista-only release, i.e. no Longhorn Server attached, which is a shame. According to Microsoft, this is another 'refresher' build, with bug fixes rather than new features. We have been informed that regional fixes for IME, time zones, etc., have not yet been implemented; those will ship in all post-5370 builds." Microsoft released a FAQ alongside this build, get it in .doc or .pdf format.
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RE[2]: This linked site is funny...
by Morgul on Sat 22nd Apr 2006 18:40 UTC in reply to "RE: This linked site is funny..."
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Well, my take is simple this: People who love Microsoft generally look to Microsoft to bring them all of their solutions. Milo was just pointing out that if you're so in love with windows, you'd most likely use it, and other Microsoft solutions, sine they're so amazing (in your eyes.)

Nothing was said about Linux; Linux users run anything, and typically I find Linux users running Micrsoft applications in wine. There's nothing wrong with that.

Conversly I don't think Milo was saying that there's something wrong with the site running OpenSource software, but instead was just pointing out that it's funny that the microsoft camp has so much to say about the triumph of windows server of linux, when their own fanboy sites don't use those tools. It makes me chuckle, honestly.

And yes, Microsoft is a joke. A very elaborate one, but it is. Eta kuram na smekh.

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