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Windows "Microsoft Vista Build 5365 has been released. We are downloading it at the moment, screenshots will follow in our spanking new image gallery. This is a Vista-only release, i.e. no Longhorn Server attached, which is a shame. According to Microsoft, this is another 'refresher' build, with bug fixes rather than new features. We have been informed that regional fixes for IME, time zones, etc., have not yet been implemented; those will ship in all post-5370 builds." Microsoft released a FAQ alongside this build, get it in .doc or .pdf format.
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"That's a joke. You're basically saying someone can't like and use products from multiple companies or they are admitting one company's products are not "good enough"."

Well, Kinda, Sorta, Ummm, YES!

I switched to Linux about 7 years ago. I promote it's use as well as that of OSS.

Firewall - IPCOP
FileServer - Ubuntu Server
Workstation - Ubuntu
Wifes Workstation - Win2k / Ubuntu

I use all OSS software, EXCEPT ONE, Opera. My wife dual boots, but still makes the statement that Linux and OSS is not good enough for exclusive use. Her opinion of the state of Linux.

I use a closed source browser and everything else OSS. The rest of the browsers, OSS or Otherwise, ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH in my opinion. I think OSS and Linux are excellant with the exception of the craptastic browsers.

If you run a website that fanboys about how wonderful a product is and you don't actually run the software, instead choosing a rival product, you are in fact stating that what you are promoting IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH for you to bother using.

Windows Rocks and Windows Rules, oh, but I run a Linux network??? Sorry! That gets a big zero in credibility!

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