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Linspire Linspire has announced an update to their 5.0 release. According to the release notes v2 includes 2.0 as well as numerous bug fixes and new drivers; however, no new features have been introduced. Existing 5.0 customers can download the ISO here (no additional purchase required).
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Why would you buy an orange when the banana is free?

Because you want the orange.

People who insist on asking "Why Pay For X When My Favorite Distribution is Free" haven't figured out why people aren't rushing to Linux. Too many things can still go wrong when you install one of the mainstream Linux flavors. No one wants to stick a Linux CD in their PC, wipe out a years-old Windows installation, and then have to put it back on because they can't get Linux to work and all the free online help seems to be talking about something else. People don't want to spend hours inside Goggle trying to find help.

Case in point: I've used Linux off-and-on for ten years or so. Now, my Linux machine is sitting in a closet because I can't find a driver for my wireless card. I know how to fix it (compile driver, build new kernel, build modules, install, etc.) but I have better things to do right now. If I didn't know how to do this, if I was just another Windows user who'd given Linux a try, I'd have already sworn to never try it again.

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