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Windows Vista is all the rage at the moment (and now even the Sunday Eve Column is about it). I don't think there's a single piece of beta software that has ever been discussed as much as Windows Vista. Obviously this makes sense, since Windows powers roughly 95% of the world's desktop computers; hence an update to that system will surely spark some heavy debates. Personally, I'm indifferent towards Vista. Read on for why.
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developers, developers, developers
by dsmogor on Mon 24th Apr 2006 05:48 UTC
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Actually the most values in every new generation of MS OSes are destinated towards developers.

Vista will have heaploads of new apis that are *WAYS* easier to program for than (by default) on previous oses.
This will pave the way for Vista only software despite the initial meager adaptation (which will be mainly driven by HW sales).

New things like richer user interface and search will (maybe?) generate class of new generation apps. Those apps will be the major magnet for new os on consumer side. Ease of programming and deployment (XAML) are posied to lure coporate programmers from the other side.
Its the apps that bring new Windows value proposition. It have always been like that.

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