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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu has a review of the (K)Ubuntu Dapper Drake beta. "Please note Ubuntu/Kubuntu 'Dapper Drake' is not yet a final product and the available previews do not reflect the quality of the final product. This quick review is not meant to divide Ubuntu and Kubuntu into separate distros. They are almost identical to each other, except the default desktop for Ubuntu is Gnome, whereas KDE is Kubuntu's default desktop." Lots of screenshots, boys and girls.
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Ubuntu on PPC
by dindin on Mon 24th Apr 2006 13:52 UTC
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I am not sure if anyone has tried the latest Ubuntu release on PPC/PowerBook G4, but the last time I tried I had some issue:

1) Have they fixed the power issue. Ubuntu did not seems to manage the battery power as well as OS X did.

2) Airport Extreme WiFi - is it working now? ;)

3) The last time I installed Dapper Flight 3, the sound did not work.


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