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Linspire Is the world ready for another community Linux distro? That's the question being asked and answered today at the 4th Annual Desktop Linux Summit. Once known as a community-supported alternative to the Linspire distribution, the Freespire name is about to rise again from the ashes of obscurity -- only this time as a distro completely sponsored and endorsed by Linspire itself. Editor's Note: The Freespire website is online now as well.
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by leech on Mon 24th Apr 2006 20:30 UTC
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This is a good thing. Last time I saw Linspire was version 5.0, and I must say it had some very nice polish to it. Granted, it was too candied up for me to like it, especially I'm a Gnome guy here. But It did look nice from boot up to full use it just had a very nice all around look and feel to it that few linux distributions (including Ubuntu) don't quite have yet.

The question is, will it literally be Linspire - CNR? If so that would be the best, since that's the one reason I think Linspire is horrible. Apt was meant to be free.


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