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Linux "The Free Standards Group will unveil Linux Standard Base 3.1, the first LSB version to include explicit Linux desktop application support, April 25 at the Desktop Linux Summit in San Diego. The standard has already been endorsed by Linux leaders Red Hat and Novell, along with other major Linux players such as AMD, Asianux, CA, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Mandriva, RealNetworks, Red Flag, and Turbolinux, according to the FSG."
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Uh oh
by youknowmewell on Mon 24th Apr 2006 21:49 UTC
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'Because LSB 3.1 is a codification of what the major Linux distributors are already doing, Zemlin also noted, this latest version of the standard includes Trolltech's GPLed Qt C++ libraries. At one time there had been a great deal of resistance to the use of Qt in Linux and KDE. Even now, after the matter was settled in 2000 to everyone's satisfaction, some people still think that Qt's licensing terms make it in some way incompatible with Linux. As Zemlin observed, though, "We standardize what the major distributions are shipping and all the major distributions are shipping Qt."'

What does this mean for distros like Ubuntu?

'"LSB-compliance is very important for Ubuntu," said Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu's main backer, in a statement. "We believe that Linux offers the world freedom of choice, freedom to innovate, and freedom to localize. The Linux Standard Base is a crucial enabler of those freedoms, creating confidence in the standardization of the core platform while still preserving the ability of the platform to evolve and improve."'

Interesting. Does Ubuntu normally ship the QT libraries? Did past LSB standards include GNOME libraries?

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