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Apple The 17" MacBook Pro has just been released. The 17" model has Firewire 800 and 8x dual layer Superdrive, both of which the 15.4" version lacks. The new MacBook Pro was presented during the NAB2006. The machine will cost $2799,- in the US, or round and about EUR 2879,- (differs per country) in the EU, or GBP 1999,- if you live in the UK.
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RE[5]: What A Joke
by rayiner on Mon 24th Apr 2006 23:08 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: What A Joke"
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No , I dont know where you get your data either , feel free to provide them.

From Dell's web-page. The E1705 is 1.6" thick. The Macbook Pro is 1.0" thick. Hence the Dell is 60% thicker, right?

So your claiming that the Intel core Duo that Apple get are different in form factor and in price to the one Dell gets ?

Hardly. However, the machine that Apple puts them in is quite a bit different in form factor and thus in price.

Your also claiming that because you bought cheap Dell model in the past that the newer higher end model with intel Core DUO will be the same ?

I bought a fairly high-end Dell laptop a few years ago (an Inspiron 8200, their top consumer model at the time). It cost about twice as much as the machines you linked to. I also had a newer Inspiron (I don't remember the model, it was one of the gray and blue ones) at work. Neither machine is something I'd purchase for myself again.

While Dell's latest cheap laptops might be completely different, I have a hard time believing the economics of the market have changed so much in three years that Dell can now afford to put quality case materials into a machine that costs half as much as my Inspiron did. There is a recent macnn thread in which people have posted pictures of themselves standing on their Thinkpads and Macbooks. My Inspiron's lid flexes so much just sitting in a bag that the track nub leaves marks on the screen.

Why ? Because rayiner think and said so ? Its of no value to me at all , if I feel that comparing a Dell to a Apple MacBook pro is interesting and that sharing that information is also valid in my view

Not because I say so, but because comparing the prices of completely different products doesn't give insight into anything. A Cessna costs a lot less than an F22 Raptor --- what insight does that knowledge afford you? They're two completely different planes for two completely different buyers.

Regarding the links to the machines: did you even try to configure them equally? The cheapest XPS notebook is $2600, yes, but that's a completely different configuration. Bump the processor up to 2.16 GHz, add in Bluetooth, a remote, and a 100GB 7200 RPM hard drive, and the cost goes up to $3393. For almost $600 extra, you get a faster GPU, but a machine that has no integrated camera, and is bigger and heavier to boot.

Really ?

Um, did you even try and configure the two machines the same???

No , your tottaly wrong , they are the same , Intel core Duo from Apple , IBM , Gateway , HP , Sony , Dell , etc are all the same and come from the same vendor they all get it around the same price too.

I didn't say otherwise.

As for the rest of your post, it hardly makes any sense at all. Of course everyone gets Core Duos for roughly the same price --- what is the point in you saying so? Of course you can get a cheaper laptop if it has less features, again, what is the point in saying so?

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