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Linux "The Free Standards Group will unveil Linux Standard Base 3.1, the first LSB version to include explicit Linux desktop application support, April 25 at the Desktop Linux Summit in San Diego. The standard has already been endorsed by Linux leaders Red Hat and Novell, along with other major Linux players such as AMD, Asianux, CA, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Mandriva, RealNetworks, Red Flag, and Turbolinux, according to the FSG."
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At last Qt
by jacquouille on Mon 24th Apr 2006 23:37 UTC
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Good to see that, at last, the LSB includes Qt.

As the article says, the Qt licensing problem was solved six years ago. Qt has been GPLed for six years. Qt is GPL software just like any other piece of GPL software. Besides, the beauty of the GPL is that even if you don't want to trust Trolltech, you can still safely use Qt, because the GPL is so strict on contributing back that one can't play nasty with it. Concretely, if Trolltech went mad tomorrow, one could just fork Qt to keep it free. And don't say that this wouldn't happen, because the same scenario already happened with other projects (cf. the XOrg fork that followed the XF86 license change)

Keeping Qt outside the LSB was impossible to justify :
- Qt is Free-as-in-Freedom
- Qt is used by many applications, especially KDE, but not only
- Qt is a brilliant piece of software.

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