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Legal Microsoft told a European Union court on Monday that regulators had completely misunderstood thriving competition in the software market in issuing a landmark antitrust ruling against the giant U.S. company. But an internal Microsoft memo presented by a coalition of critical companies suggested founder Bill Gates was told that a strategy used to crush the rival Netscape browser could also take down the leader in streaming media, RealNetworks' RealPlayer.
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Once and for all....
by capricorn_tm on Tue 25th Apr 2006 09:48 UTC
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Okay, I did write on this issue the first time it went out and thought I was clear


Now I'm going to say it again. It does not matter what ANYONE on this planet bundles to his/her/its/whatever OS. UNLESS it is MICROSOFT, it is ALLRIGHT to do so!


Because NONE, mark my words, NONE on this planet has a dominant position that covers 90% of the computer used on earth like MICROSOFT does.

The law works like that, there is free concurrence, that until someone comes to an almost monopolistic position.
At that point the quasi monopolist is forced to adopt special downgrade to its politic so to re- equilibrate the market.


Because as Adam Smith, W. Pareto and all the economist that create modern economy demonstrated, a total Monopoly is one aberration of a free system and, howhever you may percieve it, it is NOT in favour of the consumer (that, at a final moment, will have to pay whatever price the monopolist chooses to ask, because there is no other option at all).

So, whoever here is getting in the conversation with arguments like " Hey! They are capitalist like the other let them do their work and don't interfere!" or " Linux has a mediaplayer too!" please step of the train.
Both the point are valid in a situation where there is REAL concurrence and it is NOT the case.

Microsoft has perverted the rules of the market and that in EUROPE is NOT acceptable.
If Microsoft wants to sell their products on OUR territory, they Goddamn well follow our laws as everyone here does.

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