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OSNews, Generic OSes After the Why I like microkernels article, I thought it'd be useful to have a view from the "other side" of this endless war. While some of the reasons given by microkernel fans are true, the big picture is somewhat different and it's what I think it keeps traditional-style kernels in the top. Note: please take note that the author is not a native English speaker, so forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes.
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RE: Process migration
by Brendan on Tue 25th Apr 2006 10:30 UTC in reply to "Process migration"
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PS, my belief is that TLB thrashing dooms muK's from the start,

This depends on the kernel design and some other factors.

For example, on 32 bit 80x86 (AFAIK) L4 uses segmentation to pack several processes into the same address space so that it can switch between these processes without any TLB flushing.

There are other techniques - like using buffered IPC, where messages are put into the receiver's message queue and no address space switch is done as part of sending the message (it's done later, when the scheduler decides the task has had enough CPU time anyway).

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