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Apple The 17" MacBook Pro has just been released. The 17" model has Firewire 800 and 8x dual layer Superdrive, both of which the 15.4" version lacks. The new MacBook Pro was presented during the NAB2006. The machine will cost $2799,- in the US, or round and about EUR 2879,- (differs per country) in the EU, or GBP 1999,- if you live in the UK.
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RE[4]: What A Joke
by Moulinneuf on Tue 25th Apr 2006 17:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: What A Joke"
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"What was offered and what is shipping are two different concepts. "

Ok ... But thats not what I said is it ? No ...

"The MacBook can and the Dell book can't."

Interesting , since some model both came from the same manufacturer and have the almost exact same hardware.

"Michael Dell also told Steve Jobs to return money to the shareholders and close up shop a few years back."

In 1997 to be precise , 9 years ago , when APPLE was at the bottom , just before Bill Gates Invested 150 million in Apple , Michael Dell was asked at a technology conference what might be done to fix Apple, then deeply troubled financially.

"What would I do?" Mr. Dell said to an audience of several thousand information technology managers. "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.".

Some people suggested that he was joking and was not informed at the time that Steve Jobs was back at the helm and did not knew that Microsoft would back them up with billion in product and support.

" Now he wants to ship his OS on his hardware? "

Yes , Mac OS X is an OS , contrary to the lie you have been told it can run on more hardware then just the one from Apple.

"How does the crow taste, Mr. Dell?"

Crow ? You do actually realize that Apple is a very small company even today compared to Dell ? You might not see it , but Apple , is its own worst ennemy , it was brought down to the ground by its own hubris and its likely that they will again , go that way , since they make the same mistake.

You see Steve Jobs could let Dell ship the previous version of Mac OS X (Panther) and claim that is own hardware and company is the one shipping the best and latest that Mac OS X (tiger ) as to offer , this way he make money on volume for is older OS and he make money from people who will whant to upgrade to the current version. When The new one (Leopard) come out he can then let Dell ship Tiger.

He just as to be clear that he offer zero support on Dell Hardware and that Dell must provide it to the client it ship ( Zero cost on more support for Apple ), Dell also must go tru hardware certification on every model he ship with Mac OS X , thats more money for Apple. They will also increase the volume of sale on the software Apple make , as people using Mac OS X on Dell might whant to buy there software too.

Before you start calling me names , I just described the ITune strategy for windows , but for Mac OS X on Dell. If it worked so well for ITune , there is a good chance it can do the same for Mac OS X.

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