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Apple The 17" MacBook Pro has just been released. The 17" model has Firewire 800 and 8x dual layer Superdrive, both of which the 15.4" version lacks. The new MacBook Pro was presented during the NAB2006. The machine will cost $2799,- in the US, or round and about EUR 2879,- (differs per country) in the EU, or GBP 1999,- if you live in the UK.
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my god!!!!!
by tryphcycle on Tue 25th Apr 2006 20:06 UTC
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will this ever end? this endless bickering about apples products comparied to the rest of the worlds PCs. let it die already!

if you are looking for a windows based PC.... go buy one! at what ever price point you can afford!

if you want to run OSX... go buy one! at what ever price point you can afford!

trying to do a line by line comparison is just futile! because no matter what you buy... in 10 minutes... the price is going to drop any way!

just get what you need and have fun!

windows people will always be windows people... and mac people will always be mac people!

my 17"G4 cost me 3500 when i bought it 3 years ago.... and i am sure i could have got a dell for cheaper..... but i tell you... my Mac gives me endless joy! i love the thing! no windows laptop could ever replace my PB....

but hey... thats just me.. and i could care less what you all buy.... just shut up with the "i know more than you" BS

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