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Apple The 17" MacBook Pro has just been released. The 17" model has Firewire 800 and 8x dual layer Superdrive, both of which the 15.4" version lacks. The new MacBook Pro was presented during the NAB2006. The machine will cost $2799,- in the US, or round and about EUR 2879,- (differs per country) in the EU, or GBP 1999,- if you live in the UK.
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RE: Baaad reply, jwhazel...
by jwhazel on Tue 25th Apr 2006 21:14 UTC in reply to "Baaad reply, jwhazel..."
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>there is still significant difference between underhoods of Porsches and Fords, also in _raw_ performance.

Thats funny, when did Ford start making cars that ran on nuclear energy? This must be new because the last time I checked they both had cylinders, they both required compression, and they both ran on gas.

But thats way beside the point. The point was that on a whole, Porche makes nicer (and therefore more expensive) cars than Ford, even though they are both automobiles.

>which is not the case for apple vs hp here.

Really? I see it as being very much the case here. Apple makes nicer computers than HP, just like Porsches are nicer than Fords. Are people who buy the HP laptop dumb? No, of course not. But the ones who buy the HP *specifically* thinking they are getting the same quality as an Apple are either very uninformed or just plain kidding themselves, which is what MediaSex appeared to be eluding to. Cheapest rarely == best.

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