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Linux Recently in a post on my blog I argued that, despite many claims to the contrary, GNU/Linux is almost ready for the desktop. In particular, I argued that GNU/Linux is already a very good and easy desktop if people just take the time to learn its very basic differences with Windows before actually using it. Note: Don't forget to rate this article!
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YALINRFD.. it's start to be really anoying
by djame on Fri 8th Jul 2005 01:34 UTC
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Seriously, you geek will never ever understand that regular people just want something which just works whenever they buy something somewere : a webcam, the wheel to play some car game, a game, some program...
they want to click webcam when they chat with a friend on aim or msn, they want to forget about the machine just to use it. Normal people have life, babies, kids, the last time they had 2 hours left was 2 years ago, and the next 2 hours left would not be devoted to tune some obscurs linux box because the fonts of their browser look ugly......
com'n guys, linux is for geek or for parano´d who can't live with the idea of a psyware somewhere maybe in their system. I'm sorry but any xp box with sygate firewall (free), avg antivirus (free) and ad aware is secure enough to not bother with being paranoid....

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