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Hardware, Embedded Systems "A Chinese company called YellowSheepRiver wants to make affordable budget computing a reality with its new $150 Linux Municator, a highly compact and innovative PC built with inexpensive Chinese hardware components. Although MIT's much touted $100 Linux laptop has yet to transcend its status as vaporware, YellowSheepRiver already has a working product which could potentially be available for purchase within the next three months." It runs on a custom 64 bit processor, derived from the MIPS processor, and as a result won't run Windows.
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These are really old news...
by Sophotect on Wed 26th Apr 2006 16:15 UTC
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As can be seen here,*~@...
and here,
and here,

There seemed to be much disinformation about this and assorted Projects, f.e. regarding an ominous "Laptop" with similar specifications. There is no Laptop, there is
only this.

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