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Hardware, Embedded Systems "A Chinese company called YellowSheepRiver wants to make affordable budget computing a reality with its new $150 Linux Municator, a highly compact and innovative PC built with inexpensive Chinese hardware components. Although MIT's much touted $100 Linux laptop has yet to transcend its status as vaporware, YellowSheepRiver already has a working product which could potentially be available for purchase within the next three months." It runs on a custom 64 bit processor, derived from the MIPS processor, and as a result won't run Windows.
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RE[2]: How good are those CPUs
by Sophotect on Wed 26th Apr 2006 16:31 UTC in reply to "RE: How good are those CPUs"
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This lamenting about Patents is the usual FUD which is based on some out of context information from a Microprocessor-Report article. Before spreading fear, uncertainity and doubt like this again, you should read this, especially the last paragraph from someone who should really know about this:
Then this from one of the "plagiators" himself:
And this which is the root-cause of all the patent-discussion:

Oh, not to forget, said patent which soon will be invalid:

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