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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y InformationWeek compares the latest IE7 beta to Firefox 1.5, and concludes: "On a straight, feature-for-feature comparison, IE7 stacks up well against Firefox. If its improved security model lives up to its design specs, malware distributors will find it much more difficult to make a dishonest living, and the tabbed browsing features in the new release should make it much easier to deal with multiple pages."
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Should be Firefox 2.0
by jacquouille on Thu 27th Apr 2006 17:56 UTC
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It's absurd to compare the already-released Firefox 1.5 to the not-yet-released IE7.

Firefox 2.0 will be released this year, probably before IE7. Hence, it' more fair to compare Firefox 2.0 to IE7.

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