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KDE With Phonon, KDE developers will be able to write applications with multimedia functionality in a fraction of the time needed with one of the above mentioned media frameworks and libraries. This will facilitate the usage of media capabilities in the KDE desktop and applications.
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RE: Oh no...
by jacquouille on Thu 27th Apr 2006 21:31 UTC
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Phonon is not a concurrent of GStreamer. Instead, it's a higher-level framework that can use something like GStreamer as a backend.

Phonon allows you to freely choose your backend - you're not forced to use GStreamer. For instance, another backend will be NMM, which will be very useful for sound-over-a-network. There will also be Xine and Helix backends.

The advantage of abstracting the backend is that you're not tied to a unique technology. You can always use the one that's best for your needs at a given time (these things can change quickly).

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