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Zeta YellowTAB has released Zeta 1.2. "The moment has come: yellowTAB presents the latest version of yellowTAB ZETA 1.2. So many items and features have been improved or changed that is is almost impossible to mention them all. Read on below to find out about the new and exciting changes we have made to yellowTAB ZETA 1.2."
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RE: UI improvements
by Beta on Fri 28th Apr 2006 15:07 UTC in reply to "UI improvements"
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Can anyone knowledgeable confirm wether access to a setting menu in BeOS programs was standardised via the API, or wether this is an ugly hack, or wether the settings simply refer to general settings like 'Window on top' or something?

Well, it's their API to hack.. one could assume they have been adding to it to give App developers this consistent approach.
(AboutRequested was a very novel idea at the time.. but no, r5 BeOS never had this)

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