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Gnome "Despite the head start that KDE enjoyed, the large number of KDE users and developers, and Linus Torvalds personally endorsing KDE, GNOME has won the desktop environment battle. The final victory came with the third piece of a corporate trifecta, giving GNOME the official nod from Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, and finally Novell. The question is, will the triumph of GNOME lead to the rise or downfall of the Linux desktop?" Run Forrest! Run!
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RE[3]: this article is a troll
by Dima on Fri 28th Apr 2006 19:34 UTC
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Nb. the KDE libraries IIRC are LGPLed, so *if* you have the commercial QT license you can develop closed-source apps with proper KDE integration.

I was always wondering about this...

How can KDE use GPL'ed code and license the libraries as LGPL? Does that mean, the KDE code is GPL, but the API is LGPL?

Also, can I make a program that uses only KDE API, not Qt? Will that mean that I can make it closed-source and not buy a Qt license?

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