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OpenBSD Open source expert David Chisnall gives us the ins and outs of where OpenBSD has been, where it is now with the new version 3.9, and what lies ahead in the future. "OpenBSD began life as a fork of NetBSD, the oldest of the currently active BSD projects. A personality clash between Theo de Raadt and the rest of the NetBSD team lead to Theo's access to the project's CVS tree being revoked."
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RE: funding
by Bink on Sat 29th Apr 2006 00:58 UTC in reply to "funding"
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Puhlease. The OpenBSD installer is one of the quickest and simplest I've used and Iím not looking forward to some "fancy-schmancy GUI installer" on OpenBSD. For the most part, a chicken could install this OS--itís mainly just pecking away at the return key.

This is one of the few OSes that takes less than 10 minutes to install and the result is a "secure by default" system.


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