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Mac OS X Apparantly, Apple is interested in porting Sun Solaris' ZFS to Mac OS X. From the zfs-discuss mailinglist: "Chris Emura, the Filesystem Development Manager within Apple's CoreOS organization is interested in porting ZFS to OS X. For more information, please e-mail him directly at [email address]. Speaking for the zfs team (at Sun), this is great news and we fully support the effort."
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RE[8]: Great news
by harcalion on Sun 30th Apr 2006 13:59 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Great news"
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That's because the IFS (Installable File System) Kit for Windows (which includes the required headers to make the development process feasible) costs around 150$ and few lone developers are going to buy it. I think the last time I checked the kit costed several times the current price.

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