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PC-BSD After months and months of work, the PC-BSD team released v1.0 final. "PC-BSD software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD 1.0 for x86 based processors. This first 'non-beta' release of PC-BSD ushers in a new era of stability and simplicity for desktop operating systems based on UNIX. Powered by the latest FreeBSD 6.0 and integrated with KDE 3.5.2, PC-BSD provides a solid server base, while being user-friendly enough to run as a primary desktop system." Changelog, release notes, and download, of course.
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RE: New features
by anda_skoa on Sun 30th Apr 2006 16:49 UTC
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The "Search" field of Konqueror is pretty neat too, Opera and Firefox had it, why Konqueror wouldn't? ;)

While I find the search input field quite a good addition, I prefer using CTRL+L to get into the URL input field and then using KDE's web shortcuts, for example "gg:KDE" to search on Google for "KDE"

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