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OpenBSD "Freedom, openness, security - these principles lead OpenBSD development. The song for this release, Blob!, and the new artworks that promote them. Federico Biancuzzi interviewed OpenBSD's team of Blob-Busters and discussed new features of OpenBSD 3.9 along with freedom (and quality!) threats."
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I think there's nothing wrong with using closed source software in an open source distribution when there is no alternative yet and the component is really important like ndiswrapper.

Ubuntu supports almost all hardware and ndiswrapper has a very important role in that.
That's why Ubuntu has a large usergroup and I think that is important enough for now to make some compromizes.

In the future, when the usergroup is large enough, and I mean larger than the people using closed non-free software it all adds up because there will be enough free and open alternatives.

Neitherless, OpenBSD is great, there's nothing like it and it is and will always be my favorite distribution to run on server systems but I don't think the usergroup will get any larger than it is now because of their principals and I think that's a pity, OpenBSD deserves more and to make that happen you have to get rid of your principals sometimes.

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