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Windows Kurt Hudson explains tricks to optimize applications on multiprocessor computers, even if those applications were developed without such systems in mind.
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RE[4]: Only for Windows users
by ivans on Mon 1st May 2006 12:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Only for Windows users"
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Because Linux and UNIX have been running on dual
core (and 64-bit platforms) for far longer than NT,
ergo they "embraced" it much earlier.

Oh please, NT ran on 64b Alpha AXP ever since the first release in '93. Moreover - it was developed on i860 (N10) simulator in '89, which was marketed as 64b (although it wasn't truly, but that's Intel's marketing crap ;)

And more important thing - it was SMP-ready from the start.

When did the linux go fully preemtpive and got rid of lock_kernel() after almost every syscall? In 2002? LOL ;)

And the FBSD of the "Giant" mutex? ;)

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