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Windows Kurt Hudson explains tricks to optimize applications on multiprocessor computers, even if those applications were developed without such systems in mind.
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RE[6]: Only for Windows users
by ivans on Mon 1st May 2006 14:12 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Only for Windows users"
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IRIX was running 64-bit MIPS in 91

And System/38 (and later AS/400) had 64b/128b non-VNA architecture more than 10 years before IRIX and NT (or any other OS) ....your point is what?

You claimed that Linux and *nix general embraced SMP much earlier than NT, which supported it as an original design goal? That sounds like trolling to me.

Linux did not support SMP from the start. It would have been a stupid design choice, given its target market and resources to begin with.

Yes, having a big f.... kernel lock for 11 years has nothing to do with incomptence of it's developers...yeah right.

Yeah I imagine it would have been at least 2 years
before it was running on 1024 CPU systems in '04.

On penny-stock almost-bankrupt SGI systems? LOL ;)

And WNT of its instability and security holes? ;)

I presume the last time you used Windows was back in the mid-1990s...right?

As for the security: not so long ago, almost everyone could trade linux 0days on undernet..

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