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Mac OS X Apparantly, Apple is interested in porting Sun Solaris' ZFS to Mac OS X. From the zfs-discuss mailinglist: "Chris Emura, the Filesystem Development Manager within Apple's CoreOS organization is interested in porting ZFS to OS X. For more information, please e-mail him directly at [email address]. Speaking for the zfs team (at Sun), this is great news and we fully support the effort."
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RE[8]: Great news
by atsureki on Mon 1st May 2006 16:50 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Great news"
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I doubt it.

I still havent found a very stable ext3/reiser drivers *for* Windows.

Just because its open source doesn't mean much in some things.

Linux is a little guy created by programmers all over the world of varying tastes and interests, so they work to be able to access and manipulate all forms of data.

Apple is kind of a little guy and wants its users to be able to have access to their data, and so includes support for major filesystems where it sees it as practical (FAT, NTFS, UFS).

Microsoft is a big guy that wants to stay the big guy, and thus doesn't want any revolving doors on their platform. Windows XP supports exactly two filesystems (three variants each), both of them Microsoft native, and MS is a ton less helpful in allowing amateur developers to write drivers than they are with apps. A closed filesystem or just a closed system in general will allow for vendor lock-in. It's not that having the filesystems open doesn't help. It's that MS found a way to hook you in anyway.

Also, you can access (including write) to NTFS filesystems from Linux, I currently do it on Ubuntu and its fine.

This is helpful. I've never heard of it before. I was still trying to get Captive to work right. But a very belated solution doesn't excuse the problem. NTFS's propriety has caused a lot of headaches.

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