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Apple "Daines was browsing the Web when he clicked on a series of links that promised pictures of an unreleased update to his computer's operating system. Instead, a window opened on the screen and strange commands ran as if the machine was under the control of someone - or something - else. Daines was the victim of a computer virus. Such headaches are hardly unusual on PCs running Windows. Daines, however, was using a Mac - a machine often touted as being immune to such risks." Remember boys and girls, this story is published on MSNBC.
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No OS Is Immune
by enloop on Mon 1st May 2006 17:42 UTC
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No operating system is immune to viruses and other attacks, including OS X. So that headline -- which I've seen repeated on several sites today -- sets up a false premise and then happily demolishes it.

Ignoring the technical merits of OS X and Linux, the primary reason they've been unbothered by malicious attacks is their tiny market share. People seeking to do harm or to gain attention will go after the biggest target. Right now, that's Window's. If Windows suddenly became the most secure OS in history, it would still be the target of the most attacks.

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