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Apple As a Macbook Pro owner myself, I'm somewhat reluctant to admit that the first generation of Macbooks suffer from an annoying and constant whine and an unaccpetable amount of heat output. Therefore, I will be one of the many calling Apple Support on May 20. May 20th, it's been reported, is "the day the whining ends." OSX86Project has more.
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RE[4]: Jus' bitchin'
by sean batten on Tue 2nd May 2006 12:44 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Jus' bitchin'"
sean batten
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I've had a similar experience with Apple build quality. At Christmas I bought 2 iPods, one from a John Lewis (a mjaor UK department store) and one from the Apple website. The one from the store wouldn't hold it's charge and I had to take it back after 2 weeks. The guy in the store told me that they had a 20% return rate on iPods dues to battery and screen issues.

As for the one I bought from the Apple store, after a month it stopped holding a charge. After being passed around various people on the Apple phone line I arranged to take it to an Apple Authorized service center. One week later they gave me a brand new one. It turned out to have the same problem! I rang up and asked for a refund and was told it's Apple policy to repair something three times before giving a refund!!! After making a fuss I finally got my money back.

I've also got an Apple iBook. About a month after it ran out of guarantee the trackpad stopped working. I rang Apple and asked how much it would cost to get it repaired and told me it would cost 235 plus VAT.

I've owned 4 Dells over the last 10 years and they're heavily used. I've never had a single problem with any of them...

Based on all this you can probably guess that I think Apple's build quality sucks. Steve Jobs should spend less time reading about industrial design and focus on how the expensive hardware his shop makes can be made more reliable...

** end-of-rant! **

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