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Linux The day when WiFi cards 'just work' under Linux may be fast approaching. WiFi software stack specialist Devicescape has released its 'Advanced Datapath' 802.11 driver stack to the open source community under the GPL, and the Linux kernel developer community appears to be working to adapt it for mainline inclusion.
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GPL drivers!
by jacquouille on Tue 2nd May 2006 17:51 UTC
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Excellent to see that enterprises are contributing GPL drivers to linux. In the case of WiFi : first Intel and Ralink, now Devicescape!

Who said that asking for GPL drivers was asking for too much, and that one should "get realistic" and accept closed-source drivers?

Free-Software drivers make perfect sense. You buy hardware, you buy a WiFi card, you don't buy a driver. By releasing Free drivers, enterprises add more value to their products.

Now on to graphics cards!

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