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Debian and its clones Developers of the popular Debian Linux distribution are ramping up coding efforts as they plan to release the next version of their operating system in December this year. The schedule was today outlined in an e-mail to the Debian community from developer Andreas Barth, a member of the team which coordinates the process by which Debian is formally handed over to the public. "We expect to release Etch as planned in the beginning of December 2006," Barth wrote.
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RE: target audience?
by Accident on Wed 3rd May 2006 17:44 UTC in reply to "target audience?"
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You have to remember, Debian is and always will be made as a Server. They just give to the rest of the pakets to turn it into a Workstation or a Desktop.

Now tell me really, How often do you change the OS on a Server? By the time you need to make changes to your software (upgrading), its about that time when a new Debian comes out.

You can not always compare Ubuntu to Debian. Debian is the Server part and Ubuntu is the Desktop/Workstation part. Servers do not have to keep up with the hardware as much as the Desktop do. How long did Windows Server take from Win Server 4.0 to Win 2k to Win 2k3 to Win Vista Server? I don't see 1yr to 18months there, more like 3yrs to me.

Just my 2cents

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