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Windows Microsoft has shelved plans to include built-in support for RSA Security's tokens in Windows Vista, even though the company has been testing out the authentication technology for almost two years. In February 2004, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said that Windows would be able to support easy integration with RSA's popular SecurID tokens. That meant businesses would find it far easier to deploy a two-factor authentication system for logging on to networks and applications. However, almost two years after the SecurID beta-testing program kicked off, RSA's chief executive, Art Coviello, disclosed that Windows Vista will not natively support the technology.
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so... PAM in windows?
by eantoranz on Wed 3rd May 2006 20:17 UTC
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so.... MS Vista will have support for something like PAM? And I bet it will make headlines everywhere!.. you know, INNOVATION! Don't know if I should laugh or cry.
.... and by the way:
"via its Kerberos authentication protocol".
Kerberos doesn't belong to MS... at most, it could be their implementation. MS almost owns our lives, I guess.

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