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Java "The Swing UI toolkit makes it possible, though not always easy, to update user interfaces dynamically in response to events or user actions. This article reviews some of the common ways you can build UIs that update dynamically, a few pitfalls you might encounter along the way, and some principles to help you decide when this is the right approach for the job."
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Poor, Poor Article
by bryanv on Thu 4th May 2006 13:08 UTC
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The author claims all Swing stuff is confusing because there's one widget that doesn't work the way -he- expects. The friggen slider.

Give me a bloody break.

How many timees have you seen a slider with tick marks that's been rescaled in a program? I for one, haven't.

This was lame, Way lame.

Thom, get out of the IBM developerworks circle-jerk that Eugenia started, please! Ninetimes out of ten these articles are lame. Just like this one is.

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