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Windows Microsoft's long-awaited release of the upgrade to its flagship Windows operating system will likely be delayed again by at least three months, research group Gartner said on Tuesday. The research note, released to clients on Monday, said the new Windows Vista operating system is too complex to be able to meet Microsoft's targeted November release for volume licence customers and January launch for retail consumers. A Microsoft spokeswoman said the company disagreed with the Gartner report and it was still on track to meet its launch dates.
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RE: ...Wow.
by AlexandreAM on Thu 4th May 2006 18:23 UTC in reply to "...Wow."
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While I am a Gnu/Linux user for most of my computer experience I have to say that we PROBABLY can see more changes in Gnu/Linux desktop because we had a lot of "catch up" to do when talking about average user needs.

Perhaps all the "complex changes" they talk about won't be visible until the next few months (or years) just like it happened with Xfce 4.0 and Kernel 2.6 ... it can just be laying the foundations from where new and cool features can be written... I hope.

I would really like a "Better Windows" since I am not a "Microsoft should die" kinda zealot... just think some competition is good and that Gnu/Linux is the way for me right now... if anything else gets better to my taste I just drop it.

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