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3D News, GL, DirectX El Reg has one of the first reviews of Ageia PyshX accelerator chip. The four-page review concludes: "The limited number of titles and their disappointing use of the PhysX PPU means that, currently, there's no reason to spend the GBP 200+ to acquire a PhysX card. The current effects in the supported games aren't worth the price and potential performance drop. Cell Factor and awesome Unreal Engine 3.0 games, where art thou? Without them, the PhysX hardware is merely a curiosity. But one to watch."
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I still wonder...
by steveftoth on Thu 4th May 2006 18:52 UTC
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why there are no text accelerators beyond those that are included with normal graphics cards. I know it's not sexxy to be able to render a million glyphs a second to your screen, but it's got to be much more useful. You can't tell me that rendering text is as smooth as possible on today's hardware, just resizing a window shows that. In XP, windows tear and on OSX they stutter when they redraw. Why is there not more acceleration for PDF built in?

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