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Java "We have just released Java SE 6.0 Release 1 Developer Preview 1 and it is currently only available for Intel-based Macintosh computers. We will be releasing a DP in the near future for PPC also. We just wanted to get 1.6 out as fast as possible."
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by snowbender on Fri 5th May 2006 11:40 UTC in reply to "..."
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I concur. I'm generally not a big fan of Java applications, but I have used a Mustang snapshot on linux/x86 and I'm impressed. I think the compiler does a much better job, and the JVM also seems to feel "snappier" and lighter, but the latter may just be a feeling.
The enormous speedup I measured, is a fact. Even though the benchmarked code was not very good in my opinion: it created a lot of new objects which became garbage almost immediately. I believe the escape analysis in Mustang makes sure that this kind of objects ends up on the local stack instead of on the heap and this can make an enormous difference in some cases by taking away a whole lot of stress on the collector.
Actually, the code I am talking about, is not mine, but I looked at it and was going to optimize it manually, but then I remembered about the escape analysis in Mustang and therefore decided to try a snapshot.

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