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Apple "Don't get too excited about the whole Mac/Windows dual-boot thing. Although a wide range of starry-eyed experts have lauded Boot Camp in tones not heard since the days of OS/2, it's really nothing to get excited about. Here are my top reasons why - at least to real computer users - 'Boot Chump' is a snore."
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RE[2]: WTF?
by Pseudo Cyborg on Fri 5th May 2006 16:23 UTC in reply to "RE: WTF?"
Pseudo Cyborg
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"They want to make it as difficult as possible to make Windows your primary OS choice and the community was going to make it way too easy, with stuff like providing a menu without having to press some secret key."

Not true at all. They make it very simple to make Windows your default OS. You can make that choice either through OS X's System Preferences or Windows' Control Panel.

People really need to research what it is they're talking about here. Ignorant trolling is still trolling.

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