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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Since all you boys and girls watch Star Trek: "Physicists Nicolae Nicorovici from the University of Sydney, Australia, and Graeme Milton, from the University of Utah, have proposed that devices called superlenses could be used to create a type of cloaking device. Using a principle called 'anomalous localized resonance', superlenses placed very close to a small object could mask its reflected light waves by resonating at the same frequency, much like how noise-canceling headphones mask sound waves by creating a sound that is at the same frequency but inverted in phase."
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Re: Um...
by vasper on Fri 5th May 2006 19:28 UTC
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>> Wouldn't that make the object look black?

No, because the lenses would bend the light around the object, so in its place there will be a small distortion, that will make the object invisible as the backgound pattern will repeat over it. You could however be able to see the distortion if the pattern is smaller than the item masked.

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