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OSNews, Generic OSes The micro vs. monolithic kernel debate is now very much alive. Not too long ago, I wrote an article on the merits of microkernels, while a week later we featured a retort. Now, the greatest proponent of the microkernel steps in-- yes, Andy Tanenbaum writes: "Microkernels - long discarded as unacceptable because of their lower performance compared with monolithic kernels - might be making a comeback in operating systems due to their potentially higher reliability, which many researchers now regard as more important than performance." Now, we only need Torvalds to chime in, and it's 1992 all over again.
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by ProteusQ on Fri 5th May 2006 20:42 UTC
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In others words, he's saying, "I was wrong 16 years ago, but THIS TIME I'm right!"

When Minix even begins to start to have a sliver of the *NIX market, then I'll believe him.

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