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Linux MadPengiun has a review of the PepperPad, a Linux-powered competitor to Microsoft's Origami concept, and concludes: "Overall, the Pepper Pad is a sleek ultra mobile PC in a nice form factor with a great touchscreen for navigating, launching applications, watching video and surfing the web. With the advent of AJAX web-based applications for calendaring, editing video, word processing, creating spreadsheets, and more, you can have some good fun with the Pepper Pad and get a wee bit of work done as well. The Pepper Pad won't replace a Sony PSP-type game platform, or a PDA, or a notebook, but it will do some things that those devices won't do."
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Cool, but useful?
by snowbender on Fri 5th May 2006 21:28 UTC
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When I see this kind of device, and the price of 800$, then I much prefer my 12" laptop which is not that much more expensive. It's clear that a laptop is much more powerful, has a better keyboard and is much more useful all round.

As for the portability:
The Pepper Pad: 309 x 175 x 20mm at 1043 grams
Apple iBook 12": 285 x 230 x 34,2mm at 2200 grams

Sure, the laptop is bigger and heavier, but the Pepper Pad doesn't look that much more portable to me.

It's an interesting gadget from a technological pov, but I don't really see the target audience for this kind of device.

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