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Apple "Don't get too excited about the whole Mac/Windows dual-boot thing. Although a wide range of starry-eyed experts have lauded Boot Camp in tones not heard since the days of OS/2, it's really nothing to get excited about. Here are my top reasons why - at least to real computer users - 'Boot Chump' is a snore."
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Boot Camp: PC Mag begs for readers
by redshift on Sat 6th May 2006 07:20 UTC
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"In fact, I believe that most of today's societal ills can be either indirectly or directly attributed to Apple. Widespread hearing loss? Blame the iPod. Carpal tunnel? Blame the Newton."

Retardation? Blame it on the article.

Bitching that the video in a low end mac is not a rocket-ship? WTF is wrong with this guy. My Toyota is not as fast a Ferrari, perhaps he should write an article on that.

"Reliability: I don't know about you, but when I buy a computer I want everything to work right"

I take it one step further and say.... when I use my computer, I prefer it to work right.

Is it really worth all that extra money? From where I sit, no—but a fool and his money have always been quickly parted.

From where I sit, an idiot should not get paid for his shitty articles. If I were you, I'd be pinching pennies too. I'd buy the cheapest Dell I could find. That way I could still make the payments with my unemployment check after PC kicks me to the curb.

" The really creative computer users are the case modders who build extravagant designs to house their systems."

That is like saying Steven Spielberg is not creative because he did not take the time to paint flames on the truck he drives to work. I don't know... perhaps he has better things to do with his creativity.

"Because I'm a firm believer that once you start using a Mac, your IQ begins to creep downwards, inversely proportional to an increase in your AAF (Apple Acceptance Factor)."

Than for heavens sake don't switch... a negative I.Q. is probably fatal. Fortunately, your mathematics clearly state, that those of us who intuitively accept Apple are immune to this terrible attack on our mental faculties.

Is Louderback serious? Hard to tell. A brain damaged one-armed blind monkey could type a better article in WordStar. If this is some attempt at humor, that same monkey has pulled funnier things out of his ass.

He has another craptacular article here, with a typo in the first 4 words.,1895,1916717,00.asp

"I sat in athe dark the other night, pondering the difference between broadband and electricity"

I do hope he licks them to figure out the difference.

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