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Microsoft A group of software developers have created a program to make Microsoft Office work with files in the OpenDocument format, a move that would bridge currently incompatible desktop applications. Gary Edwards, an engineer involved in the open-source project and founder of the OpenDocument Foundation, on Thursday discussed the software plug-in on the Web site Groklaw.
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Two things...
by pooo on Sun 7th May 2006 04:26 UTC
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1. I really think people who are constantly saying MS sucks technically should reconsider the opinion they formed in 1995 when they last used microsoft products. Office 2003 + Windows XP is without a doubt a first class computing experience that Linux cannot yet touch.

Now hold on! Before the zealots get into too much of a tizzy! I am one of you! A linux zealot! I simply think that by making arguments about technical merits (especially on the desktop) you are a) making an argument that has no justification and b) missing out on the *real* reason that Linux is so incredible and awesome which is the freedoms and principles it represents and fights for while still being a great OS and desktop! MS is a big evil blood sucking corporation that lies and steals and doesn't serve anyone but itself. Linux is about ethics and freedom and openness and it rocks! But please, don't let your love of linux lead you to make spurious comments about how OOo is better than MSO 2003. It just isn't. Saying so means you are either ignorant or a liar or just blind in your zeal and whichever the case is comments like that do hurt the linux cause when some newby, pumped up by bullshit talk like that, opens up OOo or boots their Ubuntu live CD and sees *at best* something that is in no way better than what microsoft can do (I'm being generous to OOo here because I belieive that Ubuntu is much closer to this standard than OOo which is frankly blown away by MS Office 2003).

One day, the computing world as a *whole* will be much much better because of Linux. But it probably won't be entirely because linux is just better. It will be because of the new culture of openness and standards that Linux drove in the computing worlds and the resultant explosion of interoperability and quality competitive applications on every platform, not just linux.

Get it?

2. I'm confused about why it is that Kwrite and Abiword don't have the same level of filters (inport and export) as OOo if they are using the same underlying document format ODF?? They are all OSS projects so why don't they all just run every doc that is not ODF through the same set of libDocFilters or whatever?? And why isn't making plugins for existing office suites that have ODF filters in OOo just as easy? I just was reading about the early status of MS doc filters in Abiword and I am frankly confused. I hope this isn't a GPL vs LGLP vs BSD licence issue is it??

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