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Microsoft A group of software developers have created a program to make Microsoft Office work with files in the OpenDocument format, a move that would bridge currently incompatible desktop applications. Gary Edwards, an engineer involved in the open-source project and founder of the OpenDocument Foundation, on Thursday discussed the software plug-in on the Web site Groklaw.
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RE[2]: Two things...
by pooo on Sun 7th May 2006 07:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Two things..."
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Well if the OOo filters can't be broken off into a libDocFilters type library then that is a damn shame.

If there were a libDocFilters (or whatever) then:

a) Everyone could just convert from the foreign format to ODF before doing their own "internal" filter giving them the same level of filters as OOo.
b) This is the really major crime, if there were one libDocFilters that everyone used to convert back and forth between ODF then everyone could work on the same code instead of all that effort being duplicated! Bugs being created twice! Fixed twice! Features missed twice! Implemented twice! Shit that seriuosly makes me want to cry. What a total f--k up by the OOo people. We could be light years ahead if all OSS office apps had a high level of filtering for all document formats and the level of quality would be even higher than it is now because everyone would be helping out together. And, shit shit, all those proprietary apps would have the same high level of support for ODF because (or whoever) could easily make and distribute plugins or at the very least standalone filters for the supported document types. Shit, what a shame.

Would there really be any question at all about document formats for these governments and big corporations if OOo had not f--ked up in such an important way?? It would be so easy for them to migrate, all the legitimate concerns they have about interoperability with the rest of the MS using world would just melt away.

Man they really were not thinking ahead on this. I hope the effort to lib-ize this code is underway soon before everyone implements their own versions creating a new era of incompatabilities and balkanizations that MS can leverage against ODF and the larger OSS cause.

I don't mean to blame OOo too much because they have spearheaded everything up to now and I realize that ODF is a recent development but what a shame that they didn't see the opportunity and take it.

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