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Internet & Networking "There is a speed war on the web. Browsers compete on many fronts; security, standards support, features and speed. Most people are aware of which major browser fails on three of these, but one of them is still open for grabs. Speed." On Windows, Opera was the fastest browser, while on Linux Konqueror performed the best for viewing basic pages (however, as soon as images, scripts or frequent use of back/forward buttons is involded, Opera is faster). On MacOS X, Opera and Safari perform the best. Overall, Gecko-based browsers did fairly poorly.
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Spec of test machine is "unpurchaseable"
by rklrkl on Sun 7th May 2006 10:47 UTC
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I think the major problem with this test is that it's impossible to buy a new Pentium 3 machine to reproduce the actual test results! The article author should have run the tests on the lowest-spec'ed machine available from the big OEMs - which is probably about 3 times the power of the one he tested it on!

Hence, the figures quoted probably have to be scaled down, particularly if they are CPU-bound, and this in turn makes the differences between the browsers on the "worst" machine you can currently buy new much smaller. It makes you suspect that the author deliberately chose the slowest box he could find to widen the gap between the figures...

To be honest, total page rendering speed on machines you can actually purchase *now* (as opposed to 5+ years ago) doesn't matter that much - what's more important is things like progressive rendering, standards support and useful features (which is why Firefox's extensions are a *massive* plus for that browser - often cancelling out potential reasons not to use it).

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