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Legal Sometimes, the smallest of things can amaze me. I'm a sucker for details, which probably lies at the base of my slightly obsessive-compulsive traits of keeping things organized, tidy, aligned, and neat. It's great to see some companies are suckers for details too. Unless the details just become too insignificant. Note: Sunday Eve Column. Short, this week, though.
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Thom, I agree with you
by kamil_chatrnuch on Sun 7th May 2006 20:54 UTC
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and if I'm buying a retail os, I EXPECT it to have a media player, an internet browser, etc.. whatever I will use it or not - is another topic.

also now that ms became a "monopoly" on the pc os market: they don't have the right to bundle stuff with the operating system? I for one EXPECT them to do that. bundle as much as possible.

as for the search box in IE. it's their product. if only from the PR perspective - it would be insanely stupid to default to google.

if will one day [hypothetically] become a monopoly in the search market: will they have to include a yahoo, msn search box on their page? no. for the same reason, I don't see why IE should default to an other companies search engine.

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